Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rebirth Spa Services

Lactation Massage & Support

750 per session
Package of 5 sessions P3,250

Home Service:
Alabang to Makati P1,000 per Session
Package of 5 Sessions P4,000

Makati to Greenhills P1,200 per Session
Package of 5 Sessions P5,000

Quezon City P1,500 per Session
Package of 5 Sessions P6,000

Pre-Natal Massage
P750 per Session in Hospital
Package of 5 Sessions P3,250

Mint Facial
Invigorate your face as you exfoliate dead skin cells, close the pores and whiten the skin. A regular ritual is a must to maintain great skin!

Mint Facial with Non-Surgical Facelift
Cleanse with our winning vitamin C cleanser, exfoliate with our natural pumpkin extract mask for a microdermabrasion effect and follow through with our albumin and aloe vera mask for instant lift and tightening. Our strawberry extract toner improves skin texture. Finish the treatment with our anti-aging moisturizer with SPF protection.

Mint Facial with Galvanic Facial Spa
Low intensity galvanic current carries nutritive ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. After cleansing with our winning Vitamin C cleanser and exfoliating with our natural pumpkin extract mask, follow through with our antioxidant-rich galvanic treatment to draw out your skin’s impurities. Boost your skin’s radiant glow with our antioxidant brightening blend to give a fairer skin tone. Finish off with an anti-aging moisturizer with SPF protection.

Eyebrow Shaping
The eyebrows frame the face. Get professional help and see what small change can make a big beautifying difference.

Hand Indulgence
A relaxing hand treatment that exfoliates dead skin and moisturizes it to give it a smooth feel. A paraffin mask is placed over the hand to facilitate absorption of the special moisturizer enhancing blood circulation and firming up the skin.

Body Scrub
A pampering treatment to exfoliate the dead skin all over your body, particularly in those hard to reach areas of your back. Experience detoxifying mud clay treatment to cleanse your pores. This regimen ends with a total body moisturizing ritual that leaves your skin smooth as silk.

Galvanic Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub
Slough off your body’s dead skin cells with our gentle and minty walnut body scrub. With the use of low intensity galvanic current, revel in our golden chamomile and cacao gel to breakdown fat, inhibit body fat storage and enjoy a firmer and more toned appearance. Enhance your body’s moisture retention function with our Intense Body Moisturizer. For best results, include our Dermatic Effects Anti-Cellulite Cream in your daily regimen. Ideal to tighten the abdominal skin after giving birth.

Body Detoxification
Using far infrared rays, negative ions are produced
in the body to counteract free radical formation that
causes aging, tissue degeneration that leads to
disease, joint and back pains, and cancer. You may find this successful for pain relief when pain medications fail.

Whole Body Massage
You deserve this after a hard day of work, play or confinement. A truly pampering 60-minute experience combining Shiatsu & Swedish techniques of massage to promote deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy Body Massage
Massage with aromatic essential oils has been documented to enhance the immune system. Surrender your senses to its revitalizing effect.

Relaxing Foot Spa w/ Foot Massage
A regimen to ease your tired, abused feet, exfoliate dead skin on the legs and feet, get rid of calluses and moisturize your skin for a pampered feel. Stimulate every organ of the body through pressure on the corresponding reflex points represented on the feet.

Foot Detoxification
A 30-minute cleanse using electrode plates to draw out toxins. Strengthens cell vitality through the osmosis of ions, promotes metabolism, activates enzymes, enhances the function of liver detoxification and improves edema and arthritis. Helpful with high sugar, high triglyceride and cholesterol and high blood pressure. No poisonous side effects.

Foot Detoxification w/ Foot Reflexology
Double your gain with an hour’s worth of cleansing detoxification and organ stimulation through reflexology.

Foot Spa w/ Pedicure
A great bargain with all of the benefits of a relaxing foot spa plus a beautifying pedicure.


Precision Hair Cut
Men P250
Women P280

Hair Spa/Power Dose P700+

Galvanic Anti-Balding/Falling Hair Spa

Aromatic Hot Oil w/ upper Body Massage

Henna Powder Treatment
(purely herbal)



Hair Straightening

Hair Rebonding

Shampoo & Blowdry
Short P200
Long P250

Short P350
Long P450

Hair & Make-Up

Hair Removal & Waxing
Upper Lip P250
Underarm P400
Legs P750